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Kripa Rana Shahi
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Da Mind Tree (DMT) specializes in art activities, event management and research. The Art Club Nepal is the art branch of DMT. The club consists of contemporary Nepali visual artists and also provides a platform for artists to showcase their creative works of arts.

Mt. Everest 8848 Art Project I was initiated to help enhance the aesthetic value of the waste collected from Mt. Everest. We received the waste from the Everest Summiteers’ Association (ESA). The waste was collected by the 'Saving Mt. Everest 2011-2012' team. DMT conducted a month long symposium with 15 visual artists and 5 guest artists to create the sculptures that are presented in this exhibition.

Everest Summiteers’ Association (ESA) is our collaborative partner and has donated 1.5 tons of waste collected from the Everest region for this symposium. The Nepal government, Eco Himal, Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee had supported the ESA initiative to collect the waste materials in the Everest region in 2011-12.

Everest Summiteers’ Association

'Saving Mt. Everest 2011-2012' team
The Everest Summiteers' Association ESA was established in 2000 to bring together summiteers who have achieved the ultimate glory of reaching the peak of Mount Everest and to use their passion and intimate knowledge to raise awareness about environmental, social, cultural and safety issues that arise with mountain climbing, not just in Everest, but throughout the entire Himalayas.

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